Monday, October 14, 2013

Mi ultima mes en Honduras

I cannot tell you guys how many times I have said, "I have time to do that later"; whether it be taking a bike ride to La Chiquita (restaurant)/having Digna over to cook a Honduran meal/ taking 20 minutes to do some yoga/WRITING A BLOG POST!

And in truth, I actually do have time for these things, but for reasons I can't explain, I choose not to. Now don't worry, I was not always like that.  Up until maybe a month ago we took two bike rides every weekend. Jenny and I did yoga at least 4 times a week. (The blog thing, however, I never really got accustomed to doing). But recently, instead of doing those things I have focused more on simpler things/comfort things. I am getting lost in a book, eating a good meal, or trying to understand how I never watched Grey’s Anatomy before this year?? And while cleaning has always been something we do every weekend, I find myself choosing to sweep outside or do laundry instead of exploring outside of our house.  

Sister Marta, my sister, Sister Maria, Sister Olga
So as I had come to realize this, I wondered, am I too comfortable here? Am I not taking advantage of being in Honduras? Am I ready to go home? Do I not yet fully realize that in a month I will be leaving what has been my home since January? Am I anxious/sad/excited/sad/scared?

I think the first time I realized that we were coming to the end was after the last volunteer group left. Throughout the year, the sisters have had weekly groups come down and help at the school/farm/clinic. In March we would be talking about the dentist group that comes down in July and in June we were talking about the church group that comes down from Dighton, Mass in October. But now, we don't talk about any future volunteer groups because we won't be here. We won't be able to go out to dinner with them/have them over for a home cooked meal, get to watch them enjoy their experience here.

So since my last moments in Guaimaca have to be a bit different, we have made a list of activities/goals and are going to try very hard to get this all done and experience Guaimaca to its fullest. Just yesterday, Jenny and myself went with Father Jorge and a couple friends to lunch in a town outside of Guaimaca and then to an Aldea(mountain village) for mass. We got to see two of my girls who live up there! It was a great trip and whereas earlier that day I was unsure as whether to go, I am glad I went. I just got to take advantage of all opportunities that present themselves; through all the trips/moments I have with my students and friends; because if I don't take advantage of all these moments, why on earth am I here?

My clowns! Girls from Segundo Ciclo. 

Now a bit about teaching

Wow. The amount of respect I have for teachers. From understanding the different methods in teaching/learning the subject material/CONTROL OF YOUR CLASSROOM-(the hardest step for me). So to sum it up:
Teaching is hard. There are times I don't look forward to entering the classroom. Whether it be the subject or the rowdiness of the kids. Sometimes there are days I would like to say, "No thank you!" What I have discovered, however, is every time I think this, 90% of the time I have a perfectly fine class. The girls listen(well, most),we get through the subject, I don’t run out of things to say, the girls UNDERSTAND!! And when I do have a bad day, it takes just ONE of them to smile, sit in my lap or give me a hug to remind me that I love them and they love me. I can already think of a millions instances I will have when I go home and automatically think of on of the girls.
Suamy de IIICC
Titanic-Victoria Alejandra.
Sarcastic comments-Jennifer.
Saying the word 'Hello'-Paola.

And I could keep going..... because, sometimes they are not my favorite and I KNOW at times I am definitely not theirs, but in the end there is so much love, those little moments don’t even matter.

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  1. Great post Helen! We've only been waiting 7 months ;)