Thursday, February 14, 2013

5th Week here!

First off, Happy Valentines Day!!

Secondly, that’s right! Almost done with my 5th week! It has gone by pretty fast, and while classes can sometimes feel realllly long, this past two weeks have flown by. Today is Valentines Day! or en español,  Dia del Amor y Amistad! The kids are the cutest, they love this day and making cards! I did, however, find it is a very hard day to try and teach when all they want to do is celebrate. My classes are getting better for the most part. I am getting a hang of these lesson plans and Segundo Ciclo are behaving pretty well. It will be a little challenge with my older kids, but they all have such good hearts, in time ill get it.

I have gotten to spend time with the others teachers which is great. They are so sweet, and give good advice when needed. I was so blown away when I found out two of them are younger than me! One is 21 and the other is 19! They are already so mature, smart, and are more on top of things than I am! I glad we all get to see so much of each other because not only are they good company but good help when practicing Spanish.

I have started to eat chicken here. It’s mainly because our lunch usually consists of some kind of meat and I didn’t want the cook, Digna to have to keep finding avocados for me. Its good, and its always something different which is nice.

One thing I didn’t except I would have to do here so often is clean our house! We have to mop/sweep/bleach if necessary/dust the floors/everywhere basically once a week, mow the lawn every 2, take care of our dog,, laundry on a pila… it is a lot especially when you really can only do these things on the weekends because we are at the school all day. And the amount of dishes we use is crazy, we lovee eatinggg.

In the end, Honduras continues to have beautiful days. Its not scorching hot yet, so I am still loving the weather. And the view continues to be amazing, with mountains everywhere you turn. The view from the farm is the best.

3 months till Mango season and we have a mango tree so COME ON DOWN-we’re having a fiesta de mangos! I can write you a pretty convincing letter if you want. If you don’t know where I am, ask Mike Lydon. He can pull out his map puzzle and show you!


  1. Congratulations on your volunteer work! Our group from Lexington, MA will be down on Monday for a week and it will be great to meet you. We have a little more science lab gear for the school. Anything you're hankering for from the states -- for you or the school?

    Frank& Cindy Bellini

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you Helen. Continued blessings in your work. I'll be checking in on Facebook. Louise Pettey